Photo Contest

“Loving Life in Bosque County” Photo Contest

The Meridian Chamber of Commerce photo contest has yielded some great pictures taken around the county so watch for coming information on the 3rd annual “Loving Life in Bosque County” contest in 2016. Click here for the 2016 Contest Rules. We will again be looking for photos that feature a positive visual image of Bosque County life. Reflections of what our beautiful area of Texas has to offer. To create an image that depicts the essence of our community or what it means to live in Bosque County. If you are a camera buff and enjoy photography we invite you to enter the contest; of course photos must be taken within the county to be entered. Ready, Set, Go…start capturing those wonderful outdoor scenes in marvelously picturesque Bosque County…and watch for more information on the contest date later in the year.

2014 Winners

2014 Photo Contest

[img src=]8701st Place - Farm & Ranch Life
Hank, yes the cow dog (Meridian)<br />Photo by: Teresa McMahon
[img src=]6701st Place - Nature & Landscapes
Beautiful Spring Morning<br />Photo by: Mark McMahon
[img src=]5801st Place - Nature & Landscapes
A freshly hatched locust at State Park<br />Photo by: Judy Walker
[img src=]4701st Place - Nature & Landscapes under 18
Walking on the levee<br />Photo by: Caroline Bachhofer
[img src=]5101st Place - Nature & Landscapes under 18
Sunrise on the Levee<br />Photo by: Caroline Bachhofer
[img src=]4501st Place - People & Kids in Motion
Plowman Creek Park<br />Photo by: Heather Bachhofer
[img src=]3701st Place - People & Kids in Motion - under 18
Great morning for exercise in Kopperl<br />Photo by: Caroline Bachhofer
[img src=]4102nd Place - Farm & Ranch Life
Two Bucks Sparring<br />Photo by: Mark McMahon
[img src=]3502nd Place - Nature & Landscapes
Lounging Squirrel on Lazy Day<br />Photo by: Myron Lee
[img src=]3302nd Place - People & Kids in Motion
Close examination of an earthworm<br />Photo by: Judy Walker
[img src=]3203rd Place - Farm & Ranch Life
It's good to have entertainment<br />Photo by: Jan Wallace
[img src=]3503rd Place - Nature & Landscapes under 18
A drying heart shaped rain puddle<br />Photo by: Natalee Rowland
[img src=]2903rd Place - People & Kids in Motion
Fort Hood at SeptemberFest Parade<br />Photo by: Jan Wallace
[img src=]290Ist Place - Farm & Ranch under 18
Snails on a tree stump after rain<br />Photo by: Baylee Rowland

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